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What exactly is dialogue marketing?

Imagine you want to know something about the new smartphone that you've seen on TV. You call your provider or write a message to their social media account. Just a few minutes later, you are speaking with a customer consultant who not only knows your contract well, but also knows everything about the smartphone. Dialogue marketing is about exactly that: a dialogue between companies and customers. Unlike in, e. g. TV advertising, dialogue marketing does not target the masses, but rather customers personally. They are offered products and services that suit them. When questions or problems arise, they are advised very specifically, and a targeted offer may get a new customer on board. Dialogue marketing is very versatile and rely on qualified consultants who take on these tasks. Companies commission contact centers like Avedo as a means of meeting their customers' needs. We take on the customer consultation service via email, telephone, social media, web, video, and messenger chat, or even work on behalf of many renowned companies from a wide range of industries.

Avedo - never heard of us?

Then it's time for that to change as Avedo might be your new employer! We are dialogue marketing specialists and, in our role as service providers, we are responsible for direct contact between companies and customers. Avedo is part of Ströer Dialog Group, and it is responsible for the areas of telesales or telemarketing within the group. In addition to telephone customer care, Avedo customer consultants - also known as call centre agents - communicate with customers via other channels, e. g., email, social media accounts, messenger, web chat, video chat, and – very traditionally – via letter or fax. We process a total of approx. 100 million customer contacts annually.

Phew, does that sound like a lot? Then have a look at these amazing figures: Avedo employs 4,000 staff members at 14 sites in Europe. We have a large network of sites in Germany and on the island of Majorca. But why all this? To be able to offer our clients excellent communication with their customers. The companies that make use of our services work in a wide range of industries. Some of our core industries are finance & banking, insurance, energy providers, recycling, automotive, health, tourism, IT & technology, telecommunications, multimedia, e-commerce, logistics, trade, and the electrical and sports industries. 

Where to find us:

Avedo locations

Location picture - Avedo Leipzig

Avedo Leipzig


Georgiring 3

D-04103 Leipzig

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Founding: 2011

Main industry: Telekommunications, Finance, Energy, Insurances, E-Commerce

Site management: Heiko Riegel

Site management Heiko Riegel
Location picture - Avedo Berlin

Avedo Berlin


Torstraße 49

D-10119 Berlin

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Founding: 2020

Main industry: IT, E-Commerce

Site management: Marco Schmidt

Site management Marco Schmidt
Location picture - Avedo Dresden

Avedo Dresden


Bertolt-Brecht-Allee 24

D-01309 Dresden

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Founding: 1991

Main industry: Telecommunications, E-Commerce, Trade

Certification: EN ISO 9001:2015¹

Site management: Jörg Wedemeyer

Site management Jörg Wedemeyer
Location picture - Avedo Essen

Avedo Essen


Huttropstr. 60

D-45138 Essen

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Founding: 2013

Main industry: Telecommunications, Insurances, Energy, Trade, Services

Site management: Jörg Petzold

Site management Jörg Petzold

Avedo Gelsenkirchen


Leithestr. 47

D-45886 Gelsenkirchen

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Founding: 2016

Main industry: Telecommunications, Media, Tourism

Site management: Roman Zynga

Location picture - Avedo Güstrow

Avedo Güstrow


Platz der Freundschaft 14B

D-18273 Güstrow

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Founding: 2014

Main industry: Telecommunication

Site management: Susanne Schott

Site management Susanne Schott
Location picture - Avedo Köln

Avedo Köln


Scheidtweilerstraße 11 - 13

D-50933 Köln

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Founding: 2013

Main industry: Telecommunications, Finance, Insurances, Tourism, Healthcare

Site management: Narges Hekmat

Site management Narges Hekmat
Location picture - Avedo Leipzig West

Avedo Leipzig West


Lessingstraße 1

D-04109 Leipzig

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Founding: 2017

Main industry: E- Commerce, Telecommunications

Site management: Marco Schmidt

Site management Marco Schmidt
Location picture - Avedo Magdeburg

Avedo Magdeburg


Halberstädter Str. 42

D-39112 Magdeburg

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Founding: 2014

Main industry: Telecommunications, Cable Operator

Site management: Dennis Mankowski

Site management Dennis Mankowski
Location picture - Avedo Mannheim

Avedo Mannheim


Dynamostraße 4

D-68165 Mannheim

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Founding: 2014

Main industry: Energy

Site management: Martin Kasch

Site management Martin Kasch
Location picture - Avedo München

Avedo München


Hofmannstraße 52

D-81379 München

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Founding: 2004

Main industry: IT, Telecommunications, Energy

Site management: Rüdiger Behmel

Site management Rüdiger Behmel
Location picture - Avedo Palma de Mallorca

Avedo Palma de Mallorca


Carrer Gremi de Sabaters 7, Poligon de Son Castelló

ES-07009 Palma de Mallorca

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Founding: 2014

Main industry: Telecommunications, Insurances

Site management: Dirk Kories

Site management Dirk Kories
Location picture - Avedo Pforzheim

Avedo Pforzheim


Wilhelm-Becker-Straße 11a

D-75179 Pforzheim

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Founding: 1974

Main industry: Telecommunications

Site management: Alfons Nippold

Site management Alfons Nippold
Location picture - Avedo Rostock

Avedo Rostock


St.-Petersburger-Straße 18b

D-18107 Rostock

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Founding: 2010

Main industry: Telecommunications, Energy, Finance, Healthcare

Site management: Heiko Schumacher

Site management Heiko Schumacher
Location picture - Service Planet GmbH

Service Planet GmbH


Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 28 - 30

66130 Saarbrücken

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Founding: 2005

Main industry: Telecommunications & Energy supply (Germany and France)

Site management: Markus Alpers

Location picture - Hamburg



Kehrwieder 9

20457 Hamburg

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